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Ethical Standards

  1. We do not coach without consent.

  2. We do not sell coaching without consent.

  3. In marketing and selling, we will treat people the way we would treat our clients: with respect, transparency, thoughtfulness, and genuine care for their well-being.

  4. The best that anyone can be in our presence is our thoughts about them. We base all our work with clients in unconditional positive regard. If we cannot feel unconditional positive regard for someone (and that’s okay because we’re human), we refer them out to someone who can.

  5. We understand that neither human development nor coaching happen in a social and political vacuum. We will be outspoken about our values and make business decisions that reflect them. We will never put profit above values. 

  6. We believe in every human’s capacity for healing, change and growth, and the reality of miraculous quantum change, AND we do not bypass slow, steady, repeated work and cultivation of the grounded presence it takes to stay with things that take time.

  7. We stay fiercely awake and present to pain and suffering inherent in life and the world, but we do not let it overwhelm us and stop us from believing in the magic and fun of coaching work.

  8. We are open to all possibilities but are dogmatic about nothing.

  9. We don’t do gurus. We don’t do cult-y thinking. You are the best authority on you, the client is the best authority on themselves, and we do not endorse outsourcing decision-making or responsibility for how we experience the world and create our reality to anyone else.

  10. We would rather be curious than be right.

  11. We do not aim to be perfect practitioners or perfect humans; we aim to learn, do a little better than yesterday, and have fun.

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