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I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. I’m talking childhood. Like I was little, before I even started school, I remember my head hurting extremely bad and not being able to understand or explain what was happening in my body. As I got older, I was able to express myself better and we were able to determine that they were, in fact migraines. Having family members with migraines helped with the diagnosis as medical professionals claim there is a hereditary component to them. I managed to get through high school and even University with my episodic migraines, but full-blown adulthood came along and one thing after another resulted in my migraines becoming chronic. I couldn’t handle it anymore. Constant pain. I tried EVERYTHING. Okay, not every single thing under the sun but I had tried at least 50 different treatments over a period of about six years. Some would work for a while or make a little bit of an improvement, some would make things worse, and some did absolutely nothing. Eventually, I completely gave up trying to fix the problem. I started focusing on fixing other problems in my life and hired a life coach. Well, while focusing my attention elsewhere and learning skills to solve other problems, I realized I was also learning how I could manage my migraines. I was floored. My migraines are not cured; they may never be, and I’m okay with that. But my relationship with them is. And so is my relationship with myself. I am not broken. Neither are you. I learned that my migraines are not something to be fixed, but rather just a language my body has been using to communicate with me. Now that I am no longer living in constant resistance to my migraines, I am thriving and building the life of my dreams. You can, too! Let me show you how.

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