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Have you tried all of the medications? The Topamax and the Aimovig?


Have you tried all of the fancy therapies? The Cefaly’s and the peppermint roll-ons?


Maybe you’ve found a certain amount of relief from these treatments, but you still find yourself struggling to achieve everything you want in your life. You’re missing work and important family events, laying in bed nursing an agonizing migraine week after week.


Do you want to learn how to live the life you had before your migraines took over?


Are you ready to confidently live your life no matter what diagnosis you have been given (or not been given)? No matter what medications you are taking, or treatment protocol you are currently on?


If you are ready to re-invent your life with migraines, then read on! Because you don’t have to wait for the medical community to come up with a cure before you can enjoy your life again.


My 3 Months to Thriving coaching program moves beyond explaining all the underlying medical and scientific reasons for why we have migraines. Not because they aren’t important, but because I have found there is so much power in focusing on the aspects that you have the most control over – your own mind.


We all have access to a plethora of information, and you likely already have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind your diagnosis.


And that’s great! Knowledge is power.


But I bet what you really want to know is how to manage your symptoms, and essentially your life, with this life-altering diagnosis.


After all, your brain is not the boss, it’s just bossy!


Together, we pinpoint your unique emotional triggers, rather than focusing on just the physical ones. Emotional triggers like anticipation or resistance. Yes, even "positive" emotions can create migraine pain.


From there, we prepare specific blueprints for how to conquer your day-to-day goals, no matter what they are.


Perhaps you want to build more resilience and achieve more around the house.


Are you looking to strengthen relationships with loved ones after getting lost in your illness for too many years?


Has your pain held you back from applying for that promotion at work?


No matter what it is that you want to accomplish, it is truly possible.


You won’t even recognize your life after 3 months of incorporating this work into your existing pain management program.  


After 3 months of working with me you will move from surviving to thriving , and:

  • Understand what your migraines are trying to tell you (Hint: you’re not broken)

  • Break free from the cycle of pain creating thoughts (in multiple areas of your life)

  • Build a stronger, more intimate relationship with yourself

  • Understand how to have your own back no matter what is happening in your life

  • Set firm, kind boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Experience satisfaction in your career again

  • Maintain fulfilling relationships

  • Create a plan for specific scenarios catered to your life and your desired outcomes


You think your brain is the problem, but it's actually the solution!

Learning how to manage your mind can truly change your life.

Including how you experience your life with migraines.

Contact me to start your healing journey today.

Foggy Waters
Image by Giulia Bertelli


I help individuals with migraine discover harmony in their lives through the process of compassionate inquiry.


Together we will reveal the unique message that your migraines have been trying to share with you and utilize that information to develop a deeply intimate relationship with yourself.


You will harness the power of awareness and self-confidence to design your most amazing future.

Move from surviving to thriving!

You don't have to live a miserable life just because you have migraines.

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